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Who We Are

Line 39 Lacrosse creates specialized training plans for individuals and groups looking to improve their skills. We believe in the development of the full athlete. While our lacrosse specific training is at the fore front of our service, mental conditioning, game education and life skills all play integral roles in your training to make you the best, most efficient athlete possible. Finding the right form of training is important as well. We offer individual, group and team training. Each has many benefits to your skill needs and development. 


Line 39 also offers clinics and goalie schools throughout the nation to bring the best coaching possible to your area. We have recognized that two of the biggest setbacks inhibiting the game of lacrosse, and athletes themselves, from growing to their top potential are lack of accessibility to the sport and undereducated coaching. Our mission is to bring top coaching to underserved areas across the country and provide coaches education at all levels so that players are receiving everything they need to grow and excel in the sport of lacrosse. We love lacrosse and know that if we can spread even a fraction of our joy and passion for the game it will be infectious. 

Who We Serve

Line 39 Lacrosse primarily serves youth to college aged athletes in four major regions of Colorado: Denver Metro, CO Springs, Boulder and Mountain. We can do the driving! We know how hard it is on families to constantly be driving to Denver to train. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive the best training while being mindful of your busy family schedules. Along with clinics in all four regions, individual and group training can be arranged in your area. 

Line 39 also goes Cross Country! Interested in having Line 39 Lacrosse host a clinic, camp or goalie school in your area? Contact us and we'll make it happen! One of our biggest goals is to provide top training in non-traditional areas where lacrosse is still growing and great coaching is desperately in need. We'd love to help in any way to bring the best coaching available to your area. 

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